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It's my headcanon that she likes croc because he's kind of her parental stand in genuinely cares about her and he's kind of a huge fan.

When in arkham and the others picked on her he protected her and she protected him from being taken advantage of.

He grew up watching her show. Her show and her antics allowed him to escape the brutal abuse abandonment and depression he felt as a child teen etc.
He respects her past but also sees her as Dahl the woman who saved his life.

She's probably the only person on earth who can bring him back to normal when he's taken over by the green and goes savage.
I'm thinking he's becoming more and more croc she recognizes the signs puts her hair in pigtails and. Calls him by his real name in her baby Dahl voice.

He goes back to that place where he's happy.
She's having a funk about her image and is in her dark depressed place. He treats her like a normal person and sympathizes with her then in the next second geeks out over some tidbit about her babydahl history and things she knew about other shows he loved and she likes being allowed to be Baby but respected as Mary

Should it lean into sexual aspects though.
I mean she's 3 foot 10 on her tip toes and his dick is probably a foot long and scaly.
How would any of that work.

Maybe he fucks the henchwomen and she doesn't care.